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About Walos

Dr Dolan has been performing weight loss surgery in WA for over 15 years, providing a long-term commitment to achieving and sustaining weight loss in conjunction with a team of bariatric physicians, dieticians, psychologist, exercise physiologists, nurse and patient support group.

Proven Obesity Treatment

All three weight loss surgeries are performed at WA Laparoscopic and Obesity Surgery (WALOS), namely

Gastric band
Sleeve gastrectomy and
Gastric bypass

Body contouring such as tummy tuck is also performed at WALOS once the desired weight loss has been achieved.

Our head surgeon is Dr Kevin Dolan is an experienced Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon and has personally performed more than 7000 laparoscopic weight loss operations.

Your First Visit

You will meet Dr Dolan on your first visit to the clinic; he will carefully go through your medical history, explain your treatment options, and ensure you understand everything clearly.

If you are having one of our weight loss procedures, you will be closely supported by our whole team, not just around the time of your procedure, but for the months and years that follow. We will help you end the weight struggle- that’s our commitment to you.


Our approach works – we constantly monitor our results and continually strive to improve our service to you. Through our integrated team approach we are helping our patients achieve some of the best results in the world.

Average patient typically lose

62% of their excess weight following gastric band,
72% following sleeve gastrectomy and
78% following gastric bypass.

Complication Rates

Dr Dolan’s rate of acute complications is less than 0.1%, whilst the total rate of longer term problems that may require corrective surgery such as band slippage, migrations or access-port problems is approximately 4%.

With a new surgical technique which he pioneered and introduced in 2009, the rate of such long term problems has improved even further to 1.35%. We keep up to date records on all of our results as part of our quality control measures and clinical governance.

Despite having treated a huge number of patients, some with high risk medical histories and extreme levels of obesity, Dr Dolan has never had a patient death from any weight loss procedure.

Bariatric Surgery Registry Leading Contributor 2016

WALOS and Dr Kevin Dolan and proud to have been awarded with gold status of Leading Contributor on the Bariatric Surgery Registry for 2016.

You can find out more about the Bariatric Surgery Registry on the Monash University Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences website.

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