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Weight Loss Surgery Funding & Advice

Weight & Metabolic Solutions Australia is a specialised allied health clinic dedicated to providing comprehensive support to patients throughout a 12-month program following weight loss surgery surgery. They are partnered with experienced bariatric surgeons providing the gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and revisional procedures such as band to bypass, and sleeve to bypass. In addition, procedures such as hernia repair and gallbladder removal is also reviewed at the same time or later on if needed.

The Weight & Metabolic Solutions Australia 12 month exclusive program is unique, in that the team includes the following:

• Continuous Nursing Support – Our nurse will make first contact with you when you decide to proceed to make sure that we have your necessary clinical information. Our nurse is available, both via phone and in person, to help you according to your needs throughout your program.

• Ongoing Dietetic Guidance – Depending on your booking, you'll receive 1-2 consultations before your Surgery. These sessions focus on a comprehensive dietary assessment, evaluating your nutritional status, and providing a guided preparation leading up to the surgery. Following on from that, it will be a regular check in weekly to start and then as needed for the remainder of the program for 12 months.

• Unlimited Psychological Support – Prior to your Surgery, you'll have a session and complete a questionnaire. Following the placement, we'll reach out by phone about 1-2 weeks later to plan ongoing psychological reviews.

• Continuous Exercise Physiology Support – Before your Surgery, we conduct a session to assess your fitness level, medications, injuries, and other obstacles. After surgery, we recommend monthly catch-up and program planning sessions, with group sessions available every fortnight.

• Clinical Hypnotherapy Services – We offer an introductory phone discussion to explore how hypnotherapy can support you.

Following that, you'll have two in-person sessions, recorded for your convenience, to provide additional support in achieving your goals.

For out of pocket expenses, you may be able to access your super for funding bariatric or obesity surgery. You can apply to access your super to pay for surgery for yourself, your partner or your children. You may choose to apply for funding to cover the entire cost of the procedure or part of the cost.
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