Chic Dental

Chic Dental

150 Plenty Road
Preston VIC 3072 Australia
03 9000 0397

About Chic Dental

Chic Dental is a modern dental clinic led by a professional and dynamic team located in Preston. We offer delicacy, precision and compassionate dental care in a relaxing and calming environment.

We pride ourselves on the quality of dental treatment we provide to our patients, some of the services we provide are:

  • Check up, scale, clean and fillings
  • Crown, bridges, implants, dental veneers
  • Wisdom teeth extraction, gum surgery
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Braces and invisalign
  • Teeth Whitening

We are a fully accredited private practice with the Australian Dental Association (ADA) and compliant with the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards.

What does it mean for our patients?

  • The accreditation reassures patients that there’s a commitment to safety and quality.
  • Every decision made by our dental team considers your safety and works to ensure quality of service.
  • It brings peace of mind to our patients that we are compliant with the many regulations and guidelines governing the dental profession.
  • Accessing Superannuation

    Did you know that you can apply for early release of your superannuation to pay for dental surgery, dental implants, and other required treatments?

    Dental surgery funding assistance is something SuperCare has successfully offered for a long time, however, most people are unaware of this initiative. You can apply to access your super to pay for your treatment, your partner's or your children's treatment. You may choose to apply for funding to cover the entire cost of the procedure or part of the cost.

    The cost of having any of these dental surgical procedures is now within reach for more Australians, thanks to SuperCare. Fill out the form on the right to enquire with SuperCare.

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