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Dental Surgery Funding at Kingston Beach Dental

Did you know that you can apply for early release of your superannuation to pay for dental surgery, dental implants, and other required treatments?

Dental surgery funding assistance is something SuperCare has successfully offered for a long time, however, most people are unaware of this initiative. You can apply to access your super to pay for your treatment, your partner’s, or your children’s treatment. You may choose to apply for funding to cover the entire cost of the procedure or part of the cost.

Dental surgical procedures can be costly and often occur unexpectedly. Through our innovative service, SuperCare can facilitate your application for funding for many dental procedures, including Invisalign orthodontics, implants, root canals, crowns, periodontal treatment and oral surgery.

  • Invisalign invisible braces: to straighten teeth and improve your smile.
  • Crown and Bridge work: to strengthen and stabilise cracked and worn teeth.
  • Implants: to replace single missing teeth or as an alternative to dentures.
  • Oral Surgery: to straighten teeth and improve your smile.
  • General dentistry: including preventative care and periodontal treatment; fillings, root canal treatment.
  • Oral Surgery: extraction of wisdom teeth or other teeth that are damaged beyond repair.

The cost of having any of these dental surgical procedures is now within reach of more Australians, thanks to SuperCare.

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