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You can pay for Funeral or Memorialisation costs using super.

Introducing SuperCare - We're an Australian Company and we’re proud of what we do. Our mission is to help you when you need it most and our unique service takes some of the stress and anxiety away from life's more challenging moments.

At a time of loss, there are so many important decisions to make and one of the most confronting is the cost and payment for a Funeral Service or Memorialisation.

Saying goodbye to a loved one the way you want to should reflect yours and your Family’s values. It should be a farewell that everyone is proud of without restricting your wishes.

That's why SuperCare was established - to assist individuals and Family Members with Applications to the Department of Human Services (DHS) for approval for Early Release of Super

We offer a supportive process through education and personalised guidance as we assist our clients in their dealings with the Department of Human Services and their Professional Service Provider.

We are the only company offering this service; our aim is to always ensure each and every application is streamlined, stress free and time efficient.

SuperCare works along side funeral industry leaders:

  • White Lady Funerals
  • Simplicity Funerals
  • Guardian Funerals
  • Le Pine Funerals
  • Blackwell Funerals
  • Purslowe Funerals
  • George Hartnett Funerals
  • Metropolitan Funerals

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SuperCare’s unique and innovative service provides specialist assistance to individuals and their families in times of need. We do this by facilitating your application to the Department of Human Services, who can approve the release of funds from your personal Superannuation fund. Once you receive the approval letter, you can take it to your own super fund to obtain the funds you need to pay for a Family Member’s funeral or memorialisation.

SuperCare is the first and only company in Australia to provide this valuable service. We operate under strict regulations which ensure patient privacy and confidentiality is maintained at all times.

SuperCare’s role is to facilitate the application process by providing the following services:

We educate you so that you understand the complexities of the legislation and how the Early Release Superannuation Program (ERS) works.
Our trained professional consultants provide support and guidance in completing the application and dealing with the Department of Human Services (DHS), who administer the ERS program.
SuperCare consultants also provide support and guidance in dealing with your service provider.