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Dental Surgery Funding at 7to7 Dentist

Did you know that you can apply for early release of your superannuation to pay for implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry treatments?

Dental surgery funding assistance is something SuperCare has successfully offered for a long time and several Australians have benefited from this service. You can apply to access your super to pay for surgery for yourself, your partner, or your children. You may choose to apply for funding to cover the entire cost of the procedure or part of the cost.

7to7 Dentist is a proud partner of SuperCare. At 7to7, you’ll receive the most thorough, tried, and proven dental treatments in a comfortable, modern studio equipped with the latest in dental equipment and technology. 7 to 7 Dentist is your local dental practice in Wyoming, Gosford area, and Dr. Paul Stephens and the team has been looking after patients on the Central Coast for over 15 years. The services offered range from general check-ups and cleaning, teeth whitening, wisdom teeth removal to dental implants, and more.

Dr. Paul Stephens

Dr. Paul Stephens has worked for a number of years in Tasmania, the beautiful apple isle. Realizing that Tasmania, though beautiful, was far too cold, he flew north for the winter and is happily a Central Coast Local. Dr. Paul Stephens has been looking after patients throughout the Gosford and Central Coast region for over 22 years. He has worked in a variety of locations on the coast, privately, and also in public hospitals and juvenile detention halls. Dr. Paul Stephens loves being a Central Coast Local. He created his own dental practice right here on the Central Coast 7to7dentist – A Family Practice.

The best compliment he often receives is when patients refer their family and friends to see him. Often, mum is in disbelief when her kids actually ENJOY their dental visit! Dr. Stephens loves to give back and offers all his patients on the central coast the option of payment plans over the years to enable everyone to be able to afford dentistry.

Dr. Peter Wu

The 7 to 7 Dentist team is happy to have Dr. Peter Wu in its team as another caring Dentist. Dr. Peter Wu has completed three degrees and they all come in handy with his Dental work.

You can enjoy a calm, relaxing appointment with Dr. Peter Wu. He is working with the 7 to 7 dentist team full time so book online anytime. Dr. Wu enjoys helping his patients and his approach is a very calm and fun holistic focus. He loves to give back to the community and has been giving all his patients on the central coast the option of Afterpay and interest-free payment plans to enable everyone to be able to afford dentistry.

Dr. Parisa Hedayatmofidi

Dr. Parisa Hedayatmofidi has come from Canada and we are excited to have her on board with us at 7 to 7 Dentist.

Dr. Parisa loves looking after our patients, big and small, and making the day run smoothly. Her caring nature sets our patients at ease throughout their dental visits.

7to7 Dentist's Services

  • Any Age
  • Extractions
  • Crowns
  • Root Canal treatments
  • Gastric Reflux & Tooth Mousse
  • Dental Implants & All on Four Implant Dentures
  • Emergency Dental Care
  • Emergency Dentist
  • General Oral Health
  • General Checkups
  • X-rays
  • Twilight Dentistry/ IV Sedation
  • Flouride treatments
  • Medical History Form
  • Dental Anxiety
  • Kids & Teens
  • Fissure seals
  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions
  • $1000 Child Dental Benefits Scheme
  • Cosmetic
  • Whitening FAQs
  • Whitening Instructions
  • TMJ and Jaw Pain Management

The cost of having any of these dental surgical procedures is now within reach of more Australians, thanks to SuperCare.


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