Medical Treatment Funding

Medical Treatment Funding

We understand that undertaking any medical procedure is not an easy decision to make. The added stress caused by concerns about being able to fund the treatment can be just as detrimental to one's health as the medical condition itself.

At SuperCare, we know what you're going through and we want to help make it easier for you. Using your superannuation to fund your medical treatment could be the difference between waiting for months or even years on the public health waiting list – or worse – not having the treatment at all.

SuperCare, an Australian owned company, was established in 2013 to help eliminate the stress associated with paying for expensive, yet essential, medical treatments. SuperCare alleviates this stress by streamlining the Compassionate Release of Superannuation (CRS) Application process that is required to access superannuation, for not only your own treatment, but your immediate family members can be covered also.

By facilitating this Payment Option, SuperCare supports those Patients who have either none or insufficient Private Health insurance, or don't want to wait for the public health system. This option allows patients to be able to access the private health system, in a timely manner.

SuperCare's specialised service assists individuals and family members with Applications for the Government's Compassionate Release of Superannuation for medically required treatment. It’s our mission to ensure you have all the support and care you could possibly need. We take care of the small things, so you can focus on the treatment journey ahead.

We care about getting you healthy and pain-free as soon as possible, which is why we’ve opened up the opportunity for everyone to consider required medical treatment through the private health system, meaning you can choose your preferred treatment, surgeon and the location of your choice. We’ve partnered with Australia’s leading medical professionals, so you know you’re in safe and capable hands. SuperCare can also help you with the process of securing funds for any treatment programs, preoperative expenses, aftercare costs, including rehabilitation and required medications.

It is both the mission and privilege of SuperCare staff to be able to support and expedite our Client’s return to health, in a stress-free manner.

SuperCare Services

SuperCare assists Patients with accessing funding for the following interventions:

IVF treatments Weight Loss surgery
Reconstructive surgery Orthopaedic surgery
Dental treatments Cancer treatments
Hearing services Eye Care services
Private Hospital funding Funeral funding

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SuperCare’s unique and innovative service provides assistance to individuals and their families in times of need.

Please note your fund trustee has a discretion to decide whether or not it will release your superannuation according to its own policies. Should the trustee agree to release your superannuation, you are able to use those funds to pay for medical treatment or funeral expenses that you would otherwise be unable to pay for.

It is possible to use superannuation funds to pay for some medical procedures for family members - so long as the family member is eligible pursuant to the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993. For further information about the eligibility of your family member(s) as well as the types of medical services available to eligible family member(s), please contact us.