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The International Spine Centre
41 Sydenham Road
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The International Spine Centre is a team of spinal experts who understand how debilitating, lonely and hopeless a back condition can make you feel. It’s why they’ve created a truly unique, collaborative inter-disciplinary treatment centre to deliver the hope of a life beyond pain. So far they’ve helped thousands of sufferers, from 90-year-olds to Olympic athletes, with incredible results – and it’s our hope that you are our next success story. The International Spine Centre is a world-first combination of specialists, collaborating and treating under one roof.




The International Spine Centre's inter-disciplinary experts offer services across surgery, medicine, movement, and mind. Contact the centre's team who will rapidly assess your condition and ensure you have access to the experts you need to fast-track your care.


Speed matters when pain’s involved
The International Spine Centre understands that when you’re in pain it’s incredibly hard to focus on anything else. So they do everything we can to ensure your journey with us is as fast and to the point as possible.
Collaborative treatment works best
There simply isn’t one best treatment or single specialist with all the answers. Results can only come from an inter-disciplinary approach making sure you get the right treatment when you need it.
Use an informed-patient approach
There’s no such thing as standard treatment so we always explain the pros and cons of all medical and non-medical options available to you. This means you can make an informed decision – because ultimately it’s your body and your choice.
Focus on lifestyle goals
The International Spine Centre has found the best results don’t come from looking for an absence of pain, but by focusing on the lifestyle that’s possible beyond it. So they work to not just remove the pain, but to build a more rewarding and richer life while we do it.

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